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The client will provide Helipix with the details of the site and a brief outlining their requirements. We check the location to ensure we can fly the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) within the CAA’s restrictions. Having established that we can fulfil the brief we will then suggest a flight plan detailing how we may obtain the images the client requires.


On the day of the flight we carry out a Risk Assessment with the client and may revise our flight plans accordingly. After we have agreed with the client a mutually agreed flight plan we can then fly our UAV with the client seeing the view from the UAV with their hand held monitor. The UAV’s digital camera automatically takes images every 3 seconds in high resolution and stores the images on the on board camera.


Once the flight is completed the images can then be downloaded onto a laptop and reviewed. If necessary we can re-plan the flight to take the photos again or proceed to the next flight plan if applicable.


The images are then either downloaded onto the client’s USB drive or we can burn them onto a CD. All images are supplied as high resolution JPEG ‘Royalty Free’ files.

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How we take the images you require...