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HELIPIX UAV        Operating Drones Commercially Since 2008

- High Quality Aerial Photography for Brochures and Marketing 


- Experienced Professional Photographers and Architectural Technician to Deliver UAV Inspection Services to Building Professionals 


- As part of the Service we Build 3D Models from our Imagery for Easy Reference of High Resolution Images from a Point Cloud Model


- Our Team has Specialised in Aerial Surveys and UAV Inspection Services for over 8 Years throughout the UK

UAV Inspection Company & Drone Surveying in the UK

About Helipix

Berkshire-based Helipix UAV are one of the most experienced drone surveying companies and aerial photography specialists in the UK and have been taking commercial UAV services to the next level since 2008. With over 8 years of experience in operating drones commercially we have become leading experts in providing aerial UAV inspections, surveys and other advanced photography services.


Who is our Aerial Surveys & Photography for?

Our aerial inspection, drone surveying and photography services can be used for a wide array of applications. Estate agents can gain a great advantage by obtaining incredible images of a property that they have on the market. With our aerial photography service we can capture various angles of the property to attract potential buyers. Marketing promotions and events can also benefit massively – whether it be a garden display, sports stadium or corporate promotions, using our UAV to capture stunning photography from the air could be the difference between you and your competitor.


Aside from marketing, here is a list of other popular uses for drone photography services.


Aerial surveys are a trouble-free, convenient and relatively cheap way to assess the condition of any high-up areas that could be of concern. We are able to carry out a full UAV inspection of chimneys, roofing, flashing, bird infestations and more.


Why choose Helipix?

Aerial surveys and photography isn’t just a case of taking any picture. Here at Helipix UAV we have gained a creditable reputation thanks to our dedication to the core objectives for quality and customer care.


We make sure to organise the best angles possible for your aerial photos. All images are then processed with the finest equipment to make sure our customers receive the best possible outcome for their photographs. Finally and most importantly we listen to our customers and their needs to make sure we do everything to fulfil them.


We can also provide 3d mapping with your aerial survey, where we carry out a thorough UAV inspection allowing you a full interactive view from your computer. This is perfect for finding the best course of action on badly damaged roofs, listed buildings or assessing insurance claims.


For any enquires regarding our drone surveying services, UAV inspections and photography, in Berkshire or throughout the UK, then please call on +44(0)1344 641843 or email us at info@helipix.org.