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Helipix were contacted by Jim Reed of the BBC Newsnight team to provide UAV services to simulate how a UAV might be used in a Police raid. The 'raid' was staged and acted by the producer, Ian Lacey, who was filmed climbing over the rear of a property while the UAV filmed the drama from the air.


Using our latest  hexacopter UAV we were asked to simulate a possible scenario using a UAV to monitor an area at the rear of a building while the Police raided the property from the front. Dressed as a police officer Helipix flew their UAV to obtain footage of the 'baddie' trying to escape over the rear garden fence. We then followed him to an open area where he was duly 'arrested'.


The purpose of this make believe drama is to enact a scenario that the Chief of Police Commisioners set out in a document wheich they distributed to the BBC. Whilst Helipix are not engaged in Police UAV operations it was perhaps typical of the way in which UAVs may be used to help the Police in surveillance while being discrete and economical to operate.


Creative Eye Films made a behind the scenes video showing how the clip was made and features Jim Reed the presenter, Mark on video camera, Ian Lacey the Producer/'baddie' and Steve Galvin UAV Pilot/PC Ange.


The complete programme may be seen on the BBC Newsnight website.





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Helipix in BBC Newsnight Programme

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