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Advantages of using a drone

  • Speed – A drone can be set up in minutes and can start taking images as soon as it is airborne. A full survey of a roof or building can be carried out in fraction of the time it would take using conventional methods. 

  • Safety – Drones have built in self positioning and landing systems. While the operator must be proficient in flying the drone, the advances in system reliability and accuracy mean that the drone is now a very safe means getting to inaccessible areas.

  • Efficiency – Low noise, minimum disruption and small take off and landing area means that the drone is capable of working almost without notice from almost anywhere. So much so that we at Helipix make a point of informing the local Police of our actions to avoid any suspicions from the public. 

  • Quality – With a high quality camera and inbuilt gyro stabilisation it is now possible to get pin sharp images and 4K video with a direct digital HDMI feed to our ground controller. Full 360 degree panning and 110 degree tilt provides a complete 180 degree sweep and pan under the UAV. Even in gusty conditions we are able to get blur free images suitable for brochure publications. If required we can take the images in RAW format to enable the images to be edited thoroughly in post processing.  

  • Adaptability – We can use the drone for a huge number of applications, marketing, inspections, 3D visualisation, boundary disputes and many more. The growing number of software applications using drone imagery range from building modelling to agricultural monitoring. Using the dataset of images the specialist software can provide invaluable access data contained within the images. 

  • Cost – The cost of a drone survey or set of images is well within a similar cost to carry out the same operation using conventional methods. A project that was once too small to have warranted the use of aerial photography is now well within a small budget.