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The Royal Horticultural Society at Wisley allowed Helipix to carry out a year long experiment using a UAV to take a series of time lapse images over one of their landscaped gardens. At almost 2 weekly intervals we were given access to the gardens before the public were allowed entry to take an aerial image of the Formal Garden by the Loggia at the RHS Wisley.


During the video you can see how the garden is cleared and the pathways repaired and the teams of gardeners planting out the new formal arrangement of plants for the oncoming summer. During our visits we had a snow storm that closed Wisley to the public while the paths were cleared. Helipix got a shot of the garden after the snowfall and if you look closely you can make out the tracks of a deer around the flowerbeds.


Helipix are very grateful to the staff at the RHS Wisley for all their help in making this possible and we hope that you enjoy watching 'A Year Above the Formal Garden'.


Contact us now for further details as to how we can take time-lapse photography for your project on 01344 641843.

A Year Above the Formal Garden at RHS Wisley